Koboro Station – Koboro Cave Route

Being certified to reach an unexplored site after strenuous trail walking

Take a local train to JR Koboro Station, Japan’s best spot off the track. Then, walk down a lush-green bush path to Koboro Cave, where a Buddha statue made by a Budda priest Enku used to be offered. Please wear the clothing and shoes suitable for a rough walk as you hike the steep slopes alongside the stream. Also, be careful not to miss one of the very few trains back home.

Route Map【0.7MB】

JR Hokkaido website (Hokkaido Railway Company)

How to get a certificate to prove the arrival to the JR Koboro Station

JR Koboro Station, Japan’s best spot off the track

  1. Selfie with a station signboard

  2. Present a selfie photo to staff at one of the following facilities.

  3. A certificate is issued (No charge)