Geopark Walking Route

There are a lot of walking trails in Toya-Usu UNESCO Global Geopark. Each course shows you natural awe such as volcano, forests, lake and the sea, in addition to attractive community and economic activities.

Trails are categorized under three themes.

Take a map with you, indulge yourself with breathtaking earth and nature, and meet with locally-blessed history and culture.

Volcano Trails

History and Culture Trails

Forests and City Trails

Field Manners

When you are on the promenade routes or hiking trails

For sustaining invaluable geological features, natural beauty and local culture for future generations

  • Do not litter; take your trash home with you.
  • Do not stray from wooden walkways or paths.
  • Do not set up camps or start fires outside of the designated areas.
  • Do not surprise or give food to any wild animals you come across.
  • Do not collect any of the plants or animals. Do not take any minerals. (Some areas are protected by law.)

For ensuring a safe and comfortable stay

  • Prepare your own water and hats, and make sure you traverse the trails in suitable clothing.
  • Safety is your responsibility. Please make sure you take care to enjoy walking on the trail.
  • Only smoke in designated areas.
  • Some courses are closed during the winter.