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What are“Footpaths?”

Originating in England, footpaths are meant to enhance the enjoyment of walking outdoors by introducing recommended walking paths. In this area there are a total of 6 footpaths allowing you to circle Lake Toyako, enjoy views of the volcanos, forest and lake, and experience the feeling of closeness to nature. Come and see for yourself the beauty of the Toyako Usuzan Geopark with its abundant nature and feel the breath of the living earth in this geologically fascinating area.

Yosomi-yama Route & kompira-yama Route







Here we introduce 2 of the footpaths which are conveniently accessed from the Lake Toyako Onsen area. You can obtain a walking map download one from the links below:



~Footpaths are undertaken at your own risk~


  • Before entering the footpaths check the safety advisories for the area and make sure you bring adequate equipment and clothing.
  • Equipment: rainwear, warm clothing, towel, snacks, drinks (plenty of water in summer), etc.
  • Clothing: trekking shoes, easy to move in pants, hat or cap, etc.
  • This is a natural park. Please take care to stay on the marked trails, do not pick any wildflowers or plants and do not litter.
  • From November – April parts of the course may be closed. Contact the following for
  • closure information:
  • Contact info:
  • Toyako Town Hall TEL:0142-76-2121
  • Soubetsu Town Hall TEL:0142-66-4200
  • Picture:Recommended clothing for trekking
  • Distance: about 4km
  • Walking time: about 3 hours
  • Difficulty: medium - high

The Yosomi-yama Route follows the path of the 1910 (Meiji 43) eruption. Undulating through the forest this path takes you to the edge of a 100 year-old crater and towards the peak of Mt. Yosomi-yama. (Shown here is our recommended model course)

Eruption of 1910
Starting in July of 1910 premonitions of an impending eruption began in the form of small earthquakes. As the earthquakes increased in frequency fissures began to appear. On July 25th, 1910, Konpira-yama erupted in an explosion of superheated steam and was followed in quick succession by over 40 other vents in an area extending 2.7km to the East and West. As authorities were able to predict this eruption the areas' 15,000 residents were evacuated beforehand and there were no casualties due to the eruption. By November 10th the 100m dome of Konpira-yama had formed. The source of Toyako Onsen was formed at this time by rising magma.

  • Distance:about 2.5km
  • Walking time:about 1.5 hours
  • Difficulty:medium

The Mt. Konpira-yama Route follows the path of the craters, dislocations and mud flows created during the 2000 (Heisei 12) eruptions.

Eruption of 2000
In March, 2000, following a series of preliminary earthquakes, the base of Mt. Nishimaru-yama erupted in an explosion of superheated magma and steam. A continuation of violent uprisings from the crater forced volcanic mud flows to pour down the mountainside destroying Toyako Elementary school, several homes and 2 bridges. Small scale eruptions continued for a year and a half after the initial eruption.

Another Footpath Map around Lake Toya



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